Spike Lee’s Oldboy will have “darker” ending than the original

That’s a big call.

Producer Roy Lee has told Collider the ending of Spike Lee‘s Oldboy remake will be darker than that seen (and that which can never be unseen) in Park Chan-wook‘s South Korean original.

When asked if screenwriter Mark Protosevich would maintain the ending of Park’s flick or if he had returned to the Manga as a source of inspiration, Lee answered accordingly:

“Protosevich has come up with new elements to it that will throw off the audience who have seen the original movie because there are new characters and new situations that present themselves in a way that changes the story but eventually go in the same direction… The ending will be something that the audiences will all be…especially the fans of the original will be very happy with. In fact, some may consider it to be a bit darker.”

Gauntlet: thrown.

Josh Brolin will star in the role originally played by Choi Min-sik in Park’s 2003 flick. He plays a man kidnapped and imprisoned without explanation, and released 15 years later (also without explanation). Framed for the murder of his wife, our hero goes on a violent rampage and hunts down his mysterious captors.

Rooney Mara has been targeted to play the female lead, while Colin Firth is being courted to play the villain.

Discuss: How does this new version sound to you?

One Response to “Spike Lee’s Oldboy will have “darker” ending than the original”

  1. Darker? Seriously you can get darker? Gee I hope he doesn’t make it so twisted that instead of being shocked you find yourself thinking “yeah right”

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