Adam Sandler considering Grown Ups 2

Well, at least we ain’t writing about a sequel to Jack and Jill.

According to Variety, Adam Sandler‘s Happy Madison Productions and Sony Pictures are talking with screenwriter Fred Wolf about a sequel to their 2010 hit Grown Ups.

The comedy – which reunited Sandler with his SNL pals Chris Rock, Rob Schneider and David Spade, as well as Kevin James – grossed $271 million worldwide. That makes it Sandler’s biggest hit to date, and a viable choice for the funnyman’s first sequel.

There is no deal yet in place, but following the recent box office disappointment of his aforementioned cross-dressing comedy, Grown Ups 2 seems likely.

Though it’s far from his best film, the first flick did have its sweet moments. So, it’s not all bad news. Right?

Discuss: Right??!?

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