Thor 2 loses another director

Director Patty Jenkins is exiting Marvel’s Thor 2, Deadline reports.

Jenkins – whose credits include Monster and episodes of the TV series’ The Killing and Arrested Developmentreplaced original helmer Kenneth Branagh following his abandonment of the project earlier in the year.

The split is said to be over “creative differences”, but Deadline suggests she will eventually helm another superhero flick in the future (just not a sequel).

She and Branagh follow in the footsteps of Jon Favreau, Terrence Howard and Edward Norton who have at one point or another gone their separate ways with Marvel in a somewhat-acrimonious manner.

Marvel recently pushed the release date of Thor 2 from July 2013 to November 2013.

You’ll next be able to see star Chris Hemsworth in action as the Norse god in The Avengers in 2012.

Discuss: Can you think of another director who would do right by Thor?

One Response to “Thor 2 loses another director”

  1. Give it to Werner Herzog.

    Heres how it might go:

    Thor goes slowly insane after the death of Natalie Portman’s character, who had transported herself to Asgard because she just couldn’t leave well enough alone. Her reedy monotone voice enraged Odin so much that he smote her into dust.

    Thor, betrayed by his father and desperately fighting semi-incestuous sexual urges towards Loki, leaves Asgard to be forever alone.

    He travels to the depths of South America to build a new Asgard. His first move is to single-handedly haul Viking ships (magically transported from Asgard 1.0) to the top of a mountain, to then be crushed by his manly hammer and used as building materials. No sickly glittering technicolour bridges and gaudy burnished gold rooms for Thor, oh no, he wants good old viking timber.

    The plan doesn’t go well. Tormented by random dancing chickens and the ghost of a ranting German man with a shock of blonde hair, Thor abandons his project. He stumbles down to the river bank and monologues about the obscenity of the jungle, the pointlessness of existence, and the difficulty in finding good hair product in the Amazon.

    He cobbles together a raft and sets off downriver, beset by visions of Loki in shiny tight black pants. The visions become more and more real to Thor. The Loki’s multiply. The raft is crawling with Loki’s, more and more of them, all with slicked black hair and that disdainful mouth. They circle Thor and taunt him.

    Thor gazes into the distance, stricken, as the raft is slowly borne downriver.

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