Michael Bay in talks for Transformers 4

Big budget blockbuster aficionado Michael Bay is reported to be in final negotiations to direct a new Transformers film, according to Vulture.

The directorial king of explosions and clichéd plotlines is said to be heading back for the fourth film in the ultra successful franchise. Although details are being kept on the down low for the time being, it was confirmed it will not be a prequel but will continue to resurrect older characters that fans will know and appreciate.

Bay took to his website to clarify the report:

Studio’s are passing rumors but I’m not sure what I’m doing? I know I’m going to do Pain and Gain early spring but that’s it for right now. I’m leaving all my options on the table. I’ve got several Studio meetings in the next two weeks.

Pain and Gain has spent many years in development and is said to be Paramount’s leverage for getting him to sign on for another round of Transformers. Based on a New Times story, P&G is about a group of Miami bodybuilders that kidnap and torture a businessman, who in turn hires a detective to hunt them down for revenge.

If a deal is struck, Transformers 4 will begin production in late 2012.

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