Tom Cruise and Tony Scott are still working on Top Gun 2

It’s been a while since we’ve heard any news regarding the sequel to Top Gun, but Tom Cruise has revealed the wheels are still in motion while promoting Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

Speaking with MTV, Cruise said that he remains in talks with confirmed director Tony Scott and producer Jerry Bruckheimer about Top Gun 2.

“I said to Tony I want to make another movie with him… Tony and I and Jerry, we never thought that we would do it again. Then they started to come to us with these ideas of where it is now. I thought, ‘Wow, that would be … what we could do now.’

“If we can find a story that we all want to do, we all want to make a film that is in the same kind of tone as the other one and shoot it in the same way as we shot Top Gun.”

Discuss: Would you like to see a second Top Gun?


One Response to “Tom Cruise and Tony Scott are still working on Top Gun 2”

  1. Really? The jet has taken off on this one. Too much time has passed. I don’t feel the need for speed enough to care to want to see a sequel.

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