Poster Debut: The Dark Knight Rises

We’re beginning to think The Dark Knight Rises won’t have the happiest of endings. A new poster has debuted online for Christopher Nolan‘s highly anticipated series closer, and it shows the villainous Bane (Tom Hardy) walking away from a smashed Bat mask.

Bane is famously known amongst comic fans as ‘The Man Who Broke The Bat’, shattering Bruce Wayne with a swift knee to the spine.

Will Christian Bale suffer a similar fare in TDKR? All will be revealed July 19, 2012.

The film’s six-minute prologue will screen ahead of all IMAX showings of Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol.

The Dark Knight Rises also stars Anne Hathaway, Joseph Gordon-LevittMarion Cotillard,Gary OldmanMichael Caine and Morgan Freeman.

Discuss: Ouchies!

One Response to “Poster Debut: The Dark Knight Rises”

  1. As soon as I heard Bane was in DKR, I called it that the Bat’s back would get broken. CALLED IT!

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