Austin Powers: The Musical!

Mike Myers is writing a musical adaptation of Austin Powers for the stage, THR reports.

The Book of Mormon co-director Casey Nicholaw is in talks to helm.

The stage production will be a prequel to the original trilogy of movies. Set in the 1960s, it will show Powers’ acquiring his magical mojo.

It is unknown if any progress has been made on the long-rumoured Austin Powers 4.

Discuss: Groovy baby?

2 Responses to “Austin Powers: The Musical!”

  1. Okay so I liked the Austen Powers movies… last one was pushing it a bit but I still got a few laughs. – Sort of. But a musical??

    I think we’ve heard all three of Mike’s jokes now I don’t think I want to hear him sing them.

  2. agree with above blogger. It’s a resounding “no baby!” from me. Austin was funny at the time and the movies were released at the right time. A prequel musical? Is Myers hard up for cash?

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