The Human Centipede 2 crawls on; ban lifted on edited cut

Relax everyone: you will get to see Tom Six’s controversial film The Human Centipede 2, even if it is in slightly edited form.

Following the Classification Review Board’s decision to revoke the previously awarded R18+ rating last month, distributor Monster Pictures submitted a toned-down version of the flick for consideration.

Cinetology confirms that this censored cut has been passed by the Classification Review Board, and that the R18+ rating has been restored. All it took: the cutting of less than a minute of footage.

The irony here, as Luke Buckmaster at Cinetology points out, is the lobby groups who called for THC2‘s banning have inadvertently given it some of the best free PR a horror film could ever hope for.

It looks likely that the film will still meet its Australian DVD and Blu-ray release date of February 23, 2012.

Discuss: So, who won here? The censors? The filmmakers? The viewers?

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