Trailer Debut: The Dictator

The trailer for The Dictator has debuted online, offering us our first look at Sacha Baron Cohen‘s latest comedy creation.

The man behind Borat and Bruno stars as a, well, dictator of a Middle Eastern country who visits The Land of the Free, America. There he gets to meet – and bed – local dignitaries like Megan Fox.

The clip opens with world leaders, including Barack Obama, decrying his methods and calling for the despot’s dethroning (seems the events in Egypt and Libya have made this crazy topical).

It’s worth noting that The Dictator is not a semi-improvised mockumentary like Borat or Bruno, but instead a scripted narrative like the lamentable Ali G Indahouse. Here’s hoping Cohen has figured out how to balance his gotcha-style comedy in a more stringent form.

Check it out and share your thoughts below.

The Dictator, directed by Larry Charles, is set for release May 2012.

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2 Responses to “Trailer Debut: The Dictator”

  1. Looks great, have to laugh, if you dont, then dont comment if you dont like him…..Ppl say they hate him and hes racist, rude, well obviously you have watched him, then dont..

    I love him, reckon hes funny cause he takes the piss out of the USA,


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