Buffy reboot staked through the heart?

Remember that new Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie Warner Bros was trying to get off the ground without the involvement of the original film’s writer and TV series creator Joss Whedon? It looks like it may be dead (and not undead dead but actually dead).

According to Hero Complex, screenwriter Whit Anderson has been fired by WB after turning in a screenplay that fell “far short of expectations”. And although the studio is seeking another writer, there is speculation they’re less enthusiastic about the project following the extreme backlash they received when the news of the reboot was first announced.

Discuss: The Buffy reboot – good idea, or the worst idea?

4 Responses to “Buffy reboot staked through the heart?”

  1. if this reboot had been written by Joss Whedon and starred the original television cast (AKA the movie that the fans actually want!) then this idea could’ve worked. HOWEVER once you remove Joss or the TV Cast you’re essentially redoing the 1992 movie with Kirsty Swanson, and we all know how bad that was compared to the TV show. There aren’t many fans who actually want that original movie rebooted, but if they continued the Buffy/Willow/Xander story in a feature, you better believe that we’d be there… anything other than the TV Cast and Joss Whedon isn’t Buffy and thus shouldn’t be made

  2. I’m delighted – Hollywood needs to find some originality and stop trying to revive old trends. Like most fans, Buffy would only have worked if Joss and the original cast were involved in making the movie.

  3. Good news. The Tribe has spoken.

  4. It just seems like too big a risk to call it “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” given the reaction to the original movie, the potential cold reception of the niche Buffy fan base, and let’s face it, the name itself. I can’t get anyone in my family or any of my friends to watch the TV series simply because of the name. I’ve heard this so often from others, that although unscientific, I think the data is in; it’ll be dead on arrival. If they call it something else, maybe not. But then why tap the Buffyverse at all? Let’s face it, hanging onto the rights to Buffy is like holding onto a Cabbage Patch Doll as a collectable thinking you’re going to get rich. Its time has passed.

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