Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures ready to distribute your films

Kevin Smith’s SModcast Pictures has partnered with Phase 4 to distribute up to twelve independent films a year in the US and Canada.

On the one year anniversary of Red State’s Sundance premiere, a press release – courtesy of Slashfilm – confirms the partnership “under the newly created Kevin Smith and SModcast Pictures Presents label.”

The deal sees Phase 4 releasing four of the twelves films and including “a live tour with Kevin Smith, similar to that of Red State, with the remainder of films being released via all other traditional and digital platforms … This label will connect filmmakers and producers with a rabid audience of movie fans that only Kevin Smith can deliver.”

Smith said in a blog post, “I honestly cannot wait to start finding flicks to take out on the road. Live action, animation, big budget, micro-budget, comedy, drama, horror – I want you to send ‘em all to! Come join the circus!”

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