Is Dwight getting his own Office spinoff?

There have been some big shakeups at Dunder Mifflin recently. Not only did NBC’s The Office see the exit of star Steve Carell last year, but they introduced James Spader as new company CEO Robert California, and promoted Ed Helms‘ Andy Bernard to office manager (and show lead).

Deadline now reports another potentially giant change. Rainn Wilson‘s character Dwight Schrute might similarly say farewell to the gang and focus on his burgeoning B&B business at Schrute Farms in his very own show.

The untitled spinoff is the brainchild of Wilson and The Office’s executive producer Paul Lieberstein (who also plays Toby). It will likely feature Dwight’s extended, and totally insane sounding, family.

Though the deal is far from done, NBC are interested in having the program launch mid-2013.

It’s worth noting that Parks & Recreation was first pitched as a spinoff to The Office, but that soon evolved into its own entity.

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