Justin Timberlake to star in new Clint Eastwood flick

Up-and-coming actor and one-time mouseketeer Justin Timberlake (he also released a couple albums) is set to star alongside Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams in Trouble With the Curve, Variety reports.

Timberlake will star as a former baseball star and friend to Eastwood’s character, who becomes romantically entangled with Clint’s daughter (Adams).

Eastwood’s producing partner Robert Lorenz makes the jump to direction on Trouble With the Curve. It marks Clint’s first effort in front of the camera since Gran Torino.

Discuss: Can Timberlake cut it alongside Eastwood and Adams? 

One Response to “Justin Timberlake to star in new Clint Eastwood flick”

  1. I am not quite convinced with Timberlake’s acting quite yet. Hopefully Eastwood’s talent can rub off on him.

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