Harrison Ford might return for new Blade Runner

Back in August, it was revealed director Ridley Scott had been successfully tempted to revisit the world of Blade Runner by Alcon Entertainment. Twitch now reports that the studio is in the process of courting star Harrison Ford too.

Ford has reportedly entered into “early talks” to appear in the new Blade Runner flick. It is unknown, however, whether his Deckard is intended to be the lead character in the mysterious project, or if the role in the flick is of a supporting nature.

Alcon acquired the rights to Blade Runner last year to make either a prequel or a sequel to Scott’s 1982 sci-fi thriller, though they are not permitted to produce a straight remake or reboot.

Discuss: Do you want to see Harrison Ford return as Deckard?

One Response to “Harrison Ford might return for new Blade Runner”

  1. It couldn’t be any worse than his Indian Jones comeback. Then again…

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