Man or Muppet won’t be performed at Oscar ceremony

It seems the Academy Awards‘ three-hour runtime just isn’t long enough to include live performances of the Original Song nominations, Deadline report.

Man or Muppet’ from The Muppets and ‘Real in Rio’ from the animated film Rio were the only songs to garner Oscar nominations this year, seeing artists such as Elton John, Mary J. Blige and Sinead O’Connor surprisingly excluded.

While the decision to cut the live performances has been attributed to time constraints, it’s thought that both Fox and Disney have formally protested this decision to no avail. It wouldn’t be the first time nominated songs haven’t been performed, but perhaps it stings more this year with only two nominations. The possibility both songs offered was to inject more fun to an often thought stuffy and longwinded ceremony.

An insider revealed the show is not “locked in yet” so there’s still hope we’ll see Walter and Gary on stage at the Kodak Theatre.

Discuss: Come on, Oscar producer Brian Grazer! Are you a man or a muppet?

One Response to “Man or Muppet won’t be performed at Oscar ceremony”

  1. I need me some Gary and Walter live… come on!

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