Naomi Watts cast as Princess Diana in controversial biopic

Naomi Watts will play Princess Diana in Oliver Hirschbiegel‘s upcoming biopic Caught in Flight.

Ecosse Films’ press release announcing the casting decision is quick to state that the Australian actress is in fact “British-born”.

Caught in Flight concerns the last two years of the Princess of Wales’ life, and how she found true personal happiness as “a major international campaigner and humanitarian”.

It was previously reported that Jessica Chastain had nabbed the role of Diana, and that the picture would focus on her ‘secret’ affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Kahn.

Those who have read the script claim the late princess is not portrayed in a particularly glowing manner, and that “she is shown as a damaged person who stalks the doctor after he ends the affair”.

It is unknown if the screenplay has changed much since Watts boarded the project. There is certainly no mention of stalking in the press release.

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One Response to “Naomi Watts cast as Princess Diana in controversial biopic”

  1. Naomi Watts is 10x more attractive than Diana was but not as tall or damaged. Diana was no great beauty but this seemed to be overlooked in all the hype and hysteria that surrounded her and it certainly didn’t keep her out of the magazines; the woman who served in my favourite cafe at the time was a knockout compared to her but who wants to know! I hope there’s a Prince Charles cameo in the movie – Colin Firth would suit as he looks just like him.

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