Dracula: Year One is back from the dead

Universal has revived Dracula: Year One from the studio’s graveyard, Deadline reports.

The news comes in the wake of rumours Warner Brothers could be looking at Russell Crowe to star in their take on Dracula, entitled Harker. Universal shelved their plans to revisit Dracula – with Alex Proyas directing and Sam Worthington in the lead – after budget blowouts.

On the story, Proyas said in 2011, “this script has such an interesting and original take on this character. It’s all about how Vlad of Transylvania became this creature; the choices that he made to make him into this tragic character. It’s so intriguing to me, to approach this as a character study on a huge, epic canvas.”

Michael De Luca will continue as producer while Gary Shore is attached to direct. Sam Worthington has not been resigned to the film and there is no word on who will play the title role.

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