Trailer Debut: Two Little Boys

When we first heard that Flight of the ConchordsBret McKenzie would be teaming up with Aussie Hamish Blake for the comedy Two Little Boyswe were quite thrilled by the comic prospects. That excitement has been tempered somewhat by the new trailer.

McKenzie and Blake star as two BFFs who accidentally kill someone, and struggle to, ahem, bury the evidence.

The trailer is underwhelming, but considering how hard it can be to convey carefully-calibrate black humour in a short promotional clip, we’re going to give the project the benefit of the doubt. Besides, the picture has generated some nice buzz at the Berlin International Film Festival, where it debuted over the weekend.

Our excitement may be diminished, but we still hold high hopes for the collaboration.

Two Little Boys is directed by Robert Sarkies. It is based on the book of the same name, written by Robert’s brother Duncan. It does not yet have an Australian release date.

Discuss: Your thoughts?

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