Who votes for the Oscars?

Have you ever wondered how the winners of the Oscars are decided each year? Sure, it’s the monolithic ‘Academy’ that gets thanked at the podium, but who exactly makes up that voting collective?

On the eve of the 84th Academy Awards ceremony, the L.A. Times has gone long and revealed in stunning detail the make-up of the voters. And though the results are hardly surprising, it’s still somewhat troubling.

Of the 5,765 voting members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, approximately 77% are male. Yikes. Still, females are positively over-represented when you take a look at the super-alienating racial demographics. Almost 94% of voters are Caucasian; Blacks are 2%, and Latinos are less than 2%.

There’s no question The Artist will take home Best Picture at this year’s ceremony, and here’s why: the median age of the Oscar voter is 62; only 14% of members are under 50.

To become a member of the Academy, one has to be a working professional in the film industry. However, membership is for life, which means winners are often decided by the residents of L.A. retirement villages.

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