Paramount sues Puzo estate over new Godfather novels

Paramount and Mario Puzo’s estate are going to the mattresses over a contentious new Godfather novel.

According to Bloomberg, Paramount Pictures is suing Anthony Puzo for attempting to publish a sequel to his father Mario’s legendary novel The Godfather.

Mario Puzo’s original text was the basis of Francis Ford Coppola‘s feature film adaptation, considered one of the greatest pictures of all time. Puzo went on to co-wrote two sequels (The Godfather Part II and The Godfather Part III) with Coppola.

Studio Paramount feel Anthony is tarnishing the legacy of their films, as well as his father’s work.

Paramount gave the go ahead to a single Godfather sequel in 2004, entitled The Godfather Returns. Anthony authorised the publication of another novel, The Godfather’s Revenge, two years later without the approval of the studio. Another unauthorised sequel, The Family Corleone, is set for release later this year.

Discuss: Should the Puzos be allowed to publish a new novel?

One Response to “Paramount sues Puzo estate over new Godfather novels”

  1. I hate it when people cash in on the huge success of something. This is no different to estates (obviously just wanting to milk the cash cow) getting other people to continue with book series which were created by somebody now dead, such as those horrible Bourne travesties. Robert Ludlum produced Jason Bourne; Fleming produced Bond, James Bond; Puzo produced the Godfather. Leave it at that – get your own novel, Anthony.

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