Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar controversy

Sacha Baron Cohen is in trouble, again.

This time, he’s raised the ire of the Academy. The comedian was planning on attending the Oscars – he is invited as a cast-member of Hugo – dressed as his latest comic creation, The Dictator.

When news of his plan leaked, Deadline reported that Cohen’s tickets to the ceremony had been revoked.

The Academy has since informed The Hollywood Reporter that isn’t the case, and they are merely “waiting to hear what he’s going to do” before taking any action.

Cohen’s plan is to only appear in costume on the red carpet, changing into a tuxedo for the remainder of the ceremony.

Though the Academy’s unwillingness to allow Cohen to dress up may sound draconian, their reasoning is understandable. They have a history of excluding “studio-specific film promotion” from its telecasts. That being said, what else are the Oscars but “studio-specific film promotion”.

Discuss: Should he be allowed to do what he wants?

One Response to “Sacha Baron Cohen’s Oscar controversy”

  1. I would say that anything that makes the Oscar ceremony slightly more interesting than watching paint dry, is a bonus

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