Paranormal Activity 4 gets Australian release date

Paramount confirms more low-budget thrills are heading our way with Paranormal Activity 4 hitting Australian cinemas on 18 October, 2012.

Hopes are high that the fourth film in the franchise will avoid the pitfalls of horror sequels and deliver another unique and chilling story. While neither a writer or director is attached to the picture, if it lives up to its predecessor’s success – Paranormal Activity 3 took in an impressive $202.2 million worldwide – it looks set to be a big hit with audiences, particularly with its release timed around Halloween.

Producers Jason Blum, Oren Peli and Steven Schneider will return to oversee the franchise. Peli told The Hollywood Reporter back in December, “We are never going to make a sequel … just for the sake of making a sequel.” Sounds like fans can expect that another spine-tingling plot is in the works.

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One Response to “Paranormal Activity 4 gets Australian release date”

  1. when does it come out on dvd in australia?

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