Disney begins work on Muppets sequel

Prepare to wave your arms wildly in the air and squeal with delight. Disney are getting to work on a sequel to The Muppets.

According to Vulture, director James Bobin and co-writer Nicholas Stoller have made a deal with the studio to write the script for a follow-up feature.

Unfortunately, creative head, original screenwriter, and superfan Jason Segel won’t pen the film due to scheduling issues.

It is not yet known if Segel will appear in the flick either. We assume, however, that all your favourite Jim Henson creatures will indeed return.

Here’s hoping Bret McKenzie can provide some more Oscar-worthy original songs.

Discuss: Would you see a Muppets sequel without Segel?

2 Responses to “Disney begins work on Muppets sequel”

  1. Well yeah, it’s called “The Muppets” not “The Segels”, even though Jason was awesome and helped write an amazing movie, it’s about the Muppet’s, not Jason

  2. Hmmm….The Muppets need a team or at least someone who understands their legacy and knows what to do with it. Segel does. Can you imagine Michael Bay doing a Muppet movie?

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