Trailer Debut: That’s My Boy

Forget the fact that Adam Sandler is just 12 years older than Andy Samberg. The two of them star as father and son in the new comedy That’s My Boy.

Though we’ve been given enough recent examples to abandon all hope for Sandler’s cinematic output, like an amnesiac klutz or a sadomasochist, we keep returning to him for more punishment.

In That’s My Boy, Sandler plays a debt-ridden deadbeat who turns to his estranged kid (Samberg) for cash on the eve of his wedding (to Leighton Meester).

Check out the Red Band trailer below. You know what that means? There’s some naughty language and nudity, so kids keep away!

Directed by Sean Anders and John Morris (Sex Drive), written by Happy Endings’ creator David Caspe, and re-written by Ken Marino and David Wain (The State), That’s My Boy arrives in Australian cinemas June 14, 2012.

Discuss: Are you in?

2 Responses to “Trailer Debut: That’s My Boy”

  1. Seriously is Adam Sandler doing some The Producers like scam by making money off movies no one wants to see?

  2. Is this movie made by Sandler’s production company? This is the only way he’s still onscreen.

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