Hugh Hefner biopic in the works

Everyone’s favourite elderly lothario Hugh Hefner is set to be the subject of a new biopic at Warner Bros, Deadline reports.

Jerry Weintraub will produce the film, focusing on Hefner’s founding of Playboy magazine, and how he became “godfather of the sexual revolution” and used the magazine “to champion civil rights and free speech” (Deadline’s words; not ours).

Universal Pictures were formerly working on a similar project, with Brett Ratner attached to direct and Robert Downey Jr. and Hugh Jackman in consideration to play Hefner.

James Franco will appear, briefly, as Hugh in the upcoming Linda Lovelace biopic.

Discuss: Who would you like to see play Hef in this flick?

One Response to “Hugh Hefner biopic in the works”

  1. I reckon Tommy Lee Jones would make a excellent hef 🙂

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