The top 10 cinematic planets

The top 10 cinematic planets. By Simon Miraudo.

This week sees the release of John Carter, formerly titled John Carter of Mars before Disney grew concerned that girls wouldn’t want to see a movie set on a planet that wasn’t Earth. To that we say: hooey! Some of the finest (admittedly, sci-fi) films have been set on planets real and fictional. In honour of John Carter‘s martian-and-Woola-inhabited Mars (they call it ‘Barsoom’), we’re sharing our 10 favourite cinematic planets. We have lift off!

10. Spaceball from Spaceballs

Though some would say Druidia – the planet ruled by King Roland and his saucy daughter Princess Vespa – is the prime real estate in the Spaceballs universe, we prefer the eponymous Planet Spaceball, presided over by President Skroob (Mel Brooks). Sure, they’re running out of oxygen. But think of the yuks!

9. The Other Earth from Another Earth

In this fine little picture, it is revealed that a duplicate copy of Earth – right down to the inhabitants – is circling the cosmos. Though I won’t reveal whether or not the planet is ever visited, it casts an interesting shadow over the picture’s central characters, and allows for one of the more intriguing and thought-provoking endings of the past year. No spoilers here. Just check it out.

8. Endor from Return of the Jedi

Ewoks may be annoying movie characters, but they seem like they’d be delightful fun in real life! Also, Endor just seems that little bit more inhabitable than Tatooine, but maybe that’s just because we’d rather hang out with tiny, cuddly warriors than have to face off against the dregs of the universe in the Mos Eisley Cantina. (Update – it has been brought to our attention that Endor is a moon, and not a planet. You can’t even begin to believe how much Quickflix regrets the error.)

7. Genesis Planet from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan

It may have been inorganically created by the destruction of the life-creating Genesis Device, but Spock calls it home. (Bonus points – the computer program detailing the planet-creating powers of the Genesis Device was one of the first pieces of animated special effects produced by the newly-founded Pixar!)

6. Klendathu from Starship Troopers

The perfect holiday destination for those with a penchant for bug-squishing.

5. Solaris from Solaris

Solaris is the only planet on this list that is actually sentient and able to inspire madness in visitors without the aid of alien inhabitants. So, congrats!

4. Pandora from Avatar

Just how serious is the Jake Sully/Neytiri relationship? Like, have they moved in together or anything? Because if she’s still single, a trip to Pandora would most certainly be worthwhile.

3. LV-426 from Aliens

Well, it may be infested with aliens, but at least it’s not as boring as that all-dude prison planet from Alien 3.

2. The Planet of the Apes from Planet of the Apes

Who wouldn’t want to live on a planet inhabited solely by humanoid apes? Wait a second … statue of Liberty … that was our planet!?! You maniacs! You blew it up! Damn you! Damn you all to hell!

1. Dagobah from The Empire Strikes Back

Free Jedi training course from Yoda? We’ll deal with as many swamps as it takes to go on that Fantasy Camp!

Discuss: OK, what did we miss?

5 Responses to “The top 10 cinematic planets”

  1. How about the Forbidden Planet from the 1956 movie of the same name?

  2. And it was a real puppet Yoda too….not the weird CGI one! Oh…learning how to use the Force to lift X-Wings from the watery swamp…sign me up.

  3. forbidden planet (above) came to mind, Alphacentaurie from ‘lost in space’, first alien planet encountered from ‘alien’, hot property, predator planet (??) from ‘predators’ worth a mention. planet (name unknown) from ‘enemy mine’ a bit special. Of course number one should be Pandora from ‘avatar’, brilliant. Let’s see now, how about mars from ‘red planet’, ‘alternate’ world from ‘ice spiders’,……..maybe……….’innerworld’ from ‘innerspace’………..qualify?? ok mayby not!. Plenty of others but gone ‘blank’ now, maybe pick up where left off later 🙂

  4. Krypton from Superman The Movie – unforgettable!

  5. How about the ice world Hoth from The Empire Strikes Back !? Or for that matter the moon Yavin IV where the rebel assault on the death star was launched. (OK its a moon but hey). Or Coruscant itself, the seat of the republic senate and the jedi order. Or the ocean planet Kamino where the clone army was grown. Or the wookie world Kashyyk.

    And of course we now need to add Prometheus’ LV 223.

    Would Outlands’ Io (moon of Jupiter) qualify ? It sure has ‘denizens’ Sean Connery has fun tackling…

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