Might The Muppets return to TV?

Earlier this month it was revealed The Muppets are headed back to the big screen (although, without the help of Jason Segel). Now comes the news that Kermit and co. might also return to primetime television.

Disney’s European VP of Marketing, Tricia Wilber, told The Guardian the studio is considering a variety of formats and models to feature The Muppets.

“What we’d do is ask what’s the right opportunity for the franchise… If you went down the television series route it could play on the Disney Channel but it could also play in primetime on a free-to-air network. We would look at a variety of different models.”

Before you start cancelling all future appointments and dinner dates in anticipation of their TV debut, note that Disney are merely mulling over their options.

Wilber also mentions the possibility of an app rather than a televised program.

Discuss: Would you like to see The Muppet Show back on the air?

One Response to “Might The Muppets return to TV?”

  1. please get the muppets back on tv on disney channel than a app

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