21 Jump Street sequel in the works

When we spoke to 21 Jump Street directors Chris Miller and Phil Lord last week about a potential sequel to their buddy comedy, they said they had to “wait and see if planet Earth likes it as much as we do.”

Well, it seems planet Earth does. The picture opened to an impressive $35 million in the U.S., and grossed $4.1 million at the Australian box office (trumping the opening weekend of The Hangover).

As a result, Sony has begun the process of getting a sequel into production, Variety reports. The studio is closing a deal with screenwriter Michael Bacall and star/producer Jonah Hill to develop a treatment for a follow-up. Bacall is already signed on to pen the script.

Discuss: Would you like to see Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum’s cops head to college in 21 Jump Street 2?

One Response to “21 Jump Street sequel in the works”

  1. Off course yes! Think a sequel with Jenko and Schmidt undercover at college would be fucking awesome and legendary! Love then both, they are real crazy fucking freaks. And crazy shit can happen at college. So I think with those 2 around more crazy funny shit will be happening soon. 21 Jump Street is crazy, shit funny! I laughed my ass off at some scene!

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