Trailer Debut: Prometheus

The feature trailer for Ridley Scott‘s maybe-kinda-probably-not-make-that-defintiely Alien prequel Prometheus has landed online, armed to the hilt with Inception bwraahhhms” and other such tension-creating tricks.

Much like the teaser that came back in December, this new trailer continues to keep us in the dark in regards to the actual plot, but gives us plenty of chilling moments and special effects shots to keep us out-of-our-mind excited to see the film in June.

And though we still can’t tell if Prometheus actually has any aliens in it or not, we’re not exactly betting on the survival of its central space explorers Michael FassbenderNoomi RapaceCharlize TheronLogan Marshall-Green, and Idris Elba.

Check it out and share your thoughts below.

You can also watch it in HD over at Apple.

Prometheus  hits cinemas June 7 2012. It also stars Guy Pearce.

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