John Carter loses $200 million for Disney

Disney has released a statement informing investors that they expect a $200 million loss in the current fiscal quarter due to the catastrophic failure of John Carter at the box office.

According to Deadline, this is “the biggest loss to date for a single film”, not including the $174 million hole left in Carolco Pictures’ pocket by Cutthroat Island in 1995 (adjusted for inflation, this trumps Carter).

Analysts originally predicted a $53 million loss for the studio, or $180 million in a “worst case scenario.”

Apparently Disney are operating in a worse than worst case scenario.

Although the film has so-far grossed $179 million worldwide off its $250 million budget, their newly reported deficit gives some indication of just how much was really spent on the Andrew Stanton picture.

Discuss: Is John Carter deserving of this “almost biggest ever flop” tag?

2 Responses to “John Carter loses $200 million for Disney”

  1. Don’t studios test the media campaign prior to release? The first time I saw the trailer for this it looked like rubbish. No-one in the audience was paying any attention – they were all talking. Subsequent times seeing the trailer at various movies it barely registered any interest. Someone’s not doing their job at Disney. If Summit can make Twilight a successful franchise purely based on PR and tabloid spin then Disney should have had better talent working on the campaign. It may not be the biggest flop….$200 mil is a lot of money to lose though.

  2. Yeah, it’s funny… I actually went in there thinking that it was going to be rubbish and didn’t mind it 😛

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