Trailer Debut: Sound of My Voice

The trailer for Sundance hit Sound of My Voice has appeared online following the release of twelve minutes of footage last month.

The thriller, written by Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij (who also directs) centres on a journalist and his girlfriend who go undercover to investigate a cult whose leader claims she comes from the future. While the couple hope to expose the cult as a fraud through a documentary exposé, they soon find themselves sucked into the leader’s web and even turning against one another.

Marling plays cult leader Maggie, and is mostly likely remembered for her performance in Mike Cahill’s Another Earth, which she also co-wrote.

You can also watch it in HD over at Apple.

This low-budget thriller, called a “terrific and engrossing venture into speculative fiction” by The Hollywood Reporter, looks to do for science fiction what Paranormal Activity has done for horror; demonstrate that you don’t need a big budget to deliver the goods.

Sound of My Voice does not yet have an Australian release date.

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