Human Centipede director sues his star

Discord in the house of Centipede!

The Human Centipede director Tom Six is suing actor Dieter Laser for breaking his contract and refusing to star in the series’ third instalment.

Tom’s producing partner  – and sister – Ilona Six released the following statement on the matter (courtesy of Best Movie News Ever):

“Because of the success of The Human Centipede, it seems that Mr Dieter Laser’s ego has grown to laughably big proportions. First signing the contract and rating the THC3 script as fantastic, and then demanding his own unacceptable script changes, and now refusing to play the part only seven weeks prior to shooting. Six Entertainment Company will start legal action against Dieter Laser. Tom Six says not to worry – principal photography will be postponed and will take place later this year.”

It had previously been reported that Laser, The Human Centipede 2 lead Laurence R. Harvey, and Tom Six himself would appear in the final episode of the HC saga.

Six is no stranger to courting controversy. We’re sure he got a bit of a kick out of the temporary banning of the previous flick.

We’ll leave it to you to decide whether or not this feud is real or fabricated.

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2 Responses to “Human Centipede director sues his star”

  1. What a jerk… He didn’t play the role that great anyway.

  2. I wonder if that’s his real jaw. Or if he got implants.

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