Roland Emmerich returns to the White House

Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) looks set to wreak havoc on the White House again when he next directs White House Down, an action drama about a paramilitary takeover.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures paid $3 million for the spec script, and describe the film, written by James Vanderbilt (The Amazing Spider-Man, the Total Recall remake), as similar to Die Hard. Vanderbilt has a certain buzz around his name in Hollywood at the moment, and with the ultimate action movie comparison, White House Down could pay off for the studio.

This will be the next directing project for Emmerich, whose last film to hit cinemas, Anonymous, was quite the departure from his usual end-of-the-world fare. While he destroyed the White House in Independence Day and saw it damaged in 2012, one can only hope Emmerich focuses more on the tense action of the story and less on the opportunity to employ pyrotechnics.

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