First look at Ang Lee’s Life of Pi

The first official image from Ang Lee‘s adaptation of Yann Martel’s acclaimed novel Life of Pi has hit the web (courtesy of CriterionCast).

The story follows the son of a zookeeper, an Indian boy named Piscine “Pi” Molitor Patel, who after a shipwreck manages to survive on a dilapidated lifeboat with a hyena, zebra, orangutan and a Bengal tiger for 227 days.

Suraj Sharma, a Delhi high school student, stars as Pi. He is joined by Gerard DepardieuIrrfan Khan, and Tobey Maguire.

Life of Pi (3D) hits Australian cinemas December 20, 2012.

Discuss: Any fans of the book out there want to comment on the image?

2 Responses to “First look at Ang Lee’s Life of Pi”

  1. So far, so good! I’m sorry to see that it’s in 3D; IMHO, the story doesn’t need gimmicks. But I have confidence in Ang Lee’s direction.

  2. The image has an air of fantasy about it. All the same I’m looking forward to see how Ang Lee interprets this remarkable novel.

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