Evil Dead remake and sequel embroiled in lawsuit

Would you rather see, a) a remake of The Evil Dead produced by Sam Raimi, or b) a fourth instalment of the original saga made by a little-known studio?

Perhaps your answer is, c) neither.

Well, they’re both in the works, whether you like it or not. We’ve long known about the Raimi-produced reboot, with Fede Alvarez attached to direct and Jane Levy set to star. Shooting began last week.

The lensing coincided with a new lawsuit submitted by Renaissance Pictures – the production company Raimi formed with Ash himself, Bruce Campbell, and Robert Tapert to make the first film – against Award Pictures.

Award is putting together a fourth Evil Dead flick, entitled Genesis of the Necronomicon, despite Renaissance’s claim they do not hold the rights to it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Award is countering with a Raimi quote from 2000, in which he said he would “never do a sequel.” They consider that evidence he had abandoned the Evil Dead trademark.

More news as it develops.

Discuss: Does Award Pictures have a leg to stand on?

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