Cabin in the Woods theatrical release expands further

You asked and Roadshow listened. The Cabin In The Woods will screen in three more Australian cities.

After an epic outcry from what hopefully doesn’t turn out to be just a vocal minority, last week Roadshow decided to send Cabin In The Woods into cinemas in Melbourne and Sydney but many then immediately asked, “What about the rest of Australia?”

As complaints continued to roll in, Roadshow apparently listened and are now confirming limited theatrical seasons for three more states. Let that be a lesson to you all: complaining on the internet actually works!

Fans will now get a chance to see this highly anticipated film at Palace Barracks in QLD, Nova Eastend in SA, and Luna Leederville in WA.

Good work team! Now make sure you get out there and see the film. I hear it’s pretty damn good.

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One Response to “Cabin in the Woods theatrical release expands further”

  1. Why yes I am. Off to Luna I go.

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