Godfather prequel to be published amid lawsuit controversy

Representatives of the two major families, that of Paramount Pictures and Mario Puzo’s estate, have met and come to an agreement regarding the publication of a prequel to The Godfather.

Back in February, Paramount sued the Puzos for attempting to publish The Family Corleone, a prequel to the late Mario’s legendary tome, without seeking their approval. The studio alleged they held a copyright interest in the franchise, and they believed the book would tarnish the legacy of their films.

According to Deadline, the two parties have now come to something of an agreement, allowing the book to be released with a catch: all profits are to be held in escrow until the lawsuit comes to an end.

The Family Corleone is written by Ed Falco, and “based on a screenplay by Mario Puzo.”

The Deadline report suggests things could get complicated if the book is a hit and “there’s attraction to do a movie.”

Discuss: Would you like to see a prequel to The Godfather hit screens (one that presumably takes place after the flashback events of The Godfather Part II)?

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