Trailer Debut: Hyde Park on Hudson

The trailer for Hyde Park on Hudson – or, as we’ve grown to refer to it, My Weekend with FDR Just Before The King’s Speech – has debuted online.

Director Roger Michell‘s film stars Bill Murray as President Franklin D. Roosevelt, Olivia Williams as his wife Eleanor, and Laura Linney as his distant cousin (and potential mistress). The picture concerns a weekend away in upstate New York, during which time FDR must entertain Queen Elizabeth (Olivia Colman) and King George VI (Samuel West); the first reigning British royals to visit the United States.

The trailer indicates strong parallels with both The King’s Speech and My Week With Marilyn, but perhaps the presence of wildcard Murray will inject a unique flavour into proceedings.

Hyde Park on Hudson hits Australian cinemas December 26, 2012.

Discuss: Does this look like it’s for you?

One Response to “Trailer Debut: Hyde Park on Hudson”

  1. Now THIS looks exciting.

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