Disney abandons their Snow White project

Perhaps coming to their senses after realising there were already two separate Snow White films out this year (!), Disney have abandoned their plans to make a version of the tale.

According to Deadline, the Mouse House has nixed Order of the Seven, in which Saoirse Ronan was to play the lead.

The pic differentiated from playful Mirror Mirror and gritty Snow White and the Huntsman by taking place in Asia, and featuring samurai rather than dwarves.

Order of the Seven‘s budget reportedly ballooned out to over $150 million, hence the studio’s unwillingness to take the bet.

Visual effects supervisor Michael Gracey was to make his directorial debut with the picture.

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One Response to “Disney abandons their Snow White project”

  1. Not at all. Two is enough. Why would we need a third? Disney should focus on more live action stuff in the way of John Carter, etc.

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