Natalie Portman and Lynne Ramsay get A Gun

Natalie Portman looks set to team up with director Lynne Ramsay in Jane Got A Gun according to Deadline’s report from Cannes.

Lynne Ramsay made a striking comeback to our screens in 2011 with the brilliant We Need To Talk About Kevin following a 12 year break between films, so it’s great news to see her potentially move forward with another project so quickly.

In Jane Got A Gun (which, sadly, has nothing to do with the similarly titled Aerosmith song -although I strongly suggest the poster tagline be, “Her dog day’s just begun”) Portman will play the titular Jane, who is forced to get help from a former lover when her outlaw husband returns home to their farm riddled with bullet wounds. The gang that shot her husband track them down, keen to finish what they started.

It sounds like a great, tense, pulpy story so it will be fascinating to see what Ramsay does with the material given it may be out of her comfort zone.

Discuss: Are you interested in Lynne Ramsay taking on a film like this?

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