Tom Cruise attached to Magnificent Seven remake

Tom Cruise is reported to be attached to the MGM remake of the legendary Western The Magnificent Seven, according to Variety.

Director John SturgesThe Magnificent Seven was a 1960 remake of Akira Kurosawa’s Seven Samurai, transporting the story from Japan to America and establishing itself as a classic in its own right. MGM is now in the early stages of remaking this film, and while there are no director or writers currently attached, Cruise has long expressed his desire to be involved.

MGM is no stranger to reboots, with the upcoming RoboCop, Carrie and Red Dawn testament to this. That’s in addition to their recent 21 Jump St and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo re-imaginings.

Can a straight Western film resonate with modern audiences? The success of True Grit in 2010 should be enough fuel for this project to move beyond pre-production.

Discuss: Is Cruise a good fit?

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