G.I. Joe 2 delayed to accommodate for injection of more Channing Tatum

*The following article features mild spoilers for a version of the upcoming G.I. Joe movie that is being drastically changed anyway.* Deadline reveals the reason behind Paramount’s bizarre decision to delay the release of G.I. Joe: Retaliation: they are resurrecting Channing Tatum.

TV ads had begun and billboards were up, all set for the U.S June 29 release date, until Paramount suddenly pulled the plug and revealed the sequel to G.I Joe would be delayed by nine months. Publicly they announced it was due to the addition of 3D but Deadline’s sources claim test audiences have responded badly to *spoiler alert* seeing Tatum’s character die early on in the film.

Rewrites and re-shoots have taken place in recent weeks but it seems a complete restructuring of the film will be needed, hence the nine month delay. This isn’t the first time a big Hollywood production has undergone these types of difficulties; most recently we saw Men In Black 3 stop production for six weeks to fix a script that was apparently unfinished when they initially commenced shooting, while Disney’s John Carter received many extensive (and expensive) re-shoots.

Can’t say I was excited for this sequel anyway so I’m not really bothered by the delay, but considering Tatum is so hot right now, it’s probably a good idea they get as much screen time for him as they can.

Discuss: Are you disappointed the film has been delayed or happy that you’ll get more Tatum in G.I. Joe 2 now?

One Response to “G.I. Joe 2 delayed to accommodate for injection of more Channing Tatum”

  1. More Tatum can only be a good thing. To all those who scoff at his appeal…sit in an audience with women and watch/listen to their reaction to everything he does onscreen. Not surprised they’re rewriting and shooting this. Methinks “Resurrecting Tatum” will be an ongoing theme and source of much humour on the press junket. Me…I’m looking forward to Magic Mike as well.

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