Trailer Debut: Flight

Check out the trailer for Robert Zemeckis‘ new film, Flight, starring Denzel Washington and John Goodman.

After spending the last decade exclusively making motion-capture flicks (The Polar Express, Beowulf, A Christmas Carol), Zemeckis finally returns to the world of live-action cinema with this drama about a pilot (Denzel Washington) who miraculously lands a plane under mysteriously catastrophic circumstances.

Despite the conventional nature of the trailer, I suspect there is more to this movie than meets the eye. Even with his live-action efforts, Zemeckis has always been attracted to unconventional narratives that feature challenging technological hurdles (Who Framed Roger Rabbit?, Cast Away, Death Becomes Her) so the mystery of what compelled such an avid supporter of digital 3D filmmaking to work on what seems to be a straight 2D live-action feature is what makes Flight so exciting.

Fans of Community should enjoy this trailer just that little bit more due to the appearance of John Goodman and an amusing hairstyle.

Flight takes off in U.S cinemas on November 2, with an Australian release to follow.

Discuss: Are you excited to see Zemeckis return to live-action films?

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