The Lone Ranger’s budget blows out (again)

Disney halted production on Gore Verbinski and Jerry Bruckheimer’s Lone Ranger last year when the budget ballooned to $250 million. Months later, with costs cut and star Johnny Depp agreeing to a smaller upfront fee, the Mousehouse gave it the go ahead.

That lowered $215 million budget has since exploded back to $250 million (and perhaps beyond), says The Hollywood Reporter.

According to insiders, Verbinski’s shoot is running behind its 120-day schedule, and that the price tag is “up to a number they didn’t want.” This is with a number of major action set-pieces cut from the script.

Apparently a big part of the problem is Verbinski’s insistence on period-appropriate trains – featured heavily in the film – being built from scratch.

New studio chief Alan Horn is having an inauspicious start to his rule; though Lone Ranger was not green lit under his reign, he might have to take the blame if it fails at the box office. After all, former head Rich Ross fell on his sword when John Carter disappointed worldwide, despite it having begun production under his predecessor Dick Cook.

Armie Hammer stars as the titular character, with Depp playing his sidekick Tonto.

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