Teaser Debut: The Master

A second teaser trailer for one of the year’s most exciting films, Paul Thomas Anderson‘s The Masterhas arrived.

In the previous clip, we saw a mysterious character played by Joaquin Phoenix interrogated about a past he either didn’t remember or was lying about.

Now, we get to see Philip Seymour Hoffman as the eponymous master; an author and visionary who builds his own religion in post-war USA. Amy Adams also appears as his wife.

Best of all, it offers more of Jonny Greenwood’s chilling score.

We’re loving the manner in which PTA and The Weinstein Company are unveiling their latest collaboration; sating our appetite with delectable teasers, but not giving much away at all. Perfect.

As previously reported, The Master originally had difficulty securing funding due to the similarities between its central religion and that of the real-life rise of Scientology. Anderson showed the film to famed Scientologist Tom Cruise, who reportedly “had issues” with elements, though they were not severe enough to damage their longstanding friendship.

It arrives in American cinemas October 12, and hopefully in Australia soon after.

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