Hugo Weaving drives down Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road

Hugo Weaving will star in Ivan Sen‘s new thriller Mystery Road alongside Aaron Pedersen, Ryan Kwanten, and Jack Thompson.

According to Deadline, Weaving will play a cop “with questionable motives.”

When we spoke to Sen late last year, he said this of the screenplay:

“It’s a film that’s aimed at a wider audience; it’s a genre film, a murder mystery. It’s about an Aboriginal detective, who’ll be played by Aaron Pederson, who investigates the murder of some young girls. They’re found out on the highway out of town. It has a very strong western influence. I call him the ‘cowboy detective’.”

The pic also stars Tasma Walton and Damian Walshe-Howling, and will be financed by Screen Australia, Screen Queensland, and ABC-TV.

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One Response to “Hugo Weaving drives down Ivan Sen’s Mystery Road”

  1. Actually yes…with that cast and that premise of a story. And Weaving as a bad guy.

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