Trailer Debut: The Man with the Iron Fists

We’ve gotten used to reporting on films that will likely never eventuate; wild fantasies, vanity projects, or vaunted sequels that just never get off the ground.

Somehow, one of the crazier projects of the last few years actually got made, and we now have the trailerific proof.

Wu Tang’s RZA directs the $20 million kung-fu throwback The Man with the Iron Fists, starring Russell Crowe and Lucy Liu. No, really!

RZA co-wrote Iron Fists with grindhouse fan Eli Roth. His buddy Quentin Tarantino “presents” the film, which should help draw in the right crowd.

As for plot, it looks as if the RZA plays a blacksmith with iron fists who defends his village from a series of assailants. We’re in!

It does not yet have a release date.

Discuss: Favourite kill shot from the trailer?

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