Michael Fassbender set for Assassin’s Creed

Variety has reported Michael Fassbender will star in and produce an adaptation of the popular video game Assassin’s Creed.

The game centres on a man named Desmond Miles who uses technology to relive ancestral memories and travel (to the Crusades period in the first game, and to the Renaissance period in the second). While on this journey Desmond uncovers an end of the world prophecy as well as a pre-human civilisation. A third game in the series is due out this year.

There is no confirmation whether the film will strictly adapt one game or combine both, but it is thought Fassbender will play both Desmond and his ancestral manifestation. It is hoped Fassbender’s attachment will incite interest in the film after UbiSoft’s, the game’s publisher, last picture Prince of Persia tanked.

Interestingly, UbiSoft has decided to develop the film independently before approaching studios in the hope to maintain creative control.

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One Response to “Michael Fassbender set for Assassin’s Creed”

  1. Fassy could be in a remake of Mortal Kombat and I’d be interested. Yes I jest. He is to die for.

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