The top 10 Seth Rogen performances

The top 10 Seth Rogen performances. By Simon Miraudo.

Canadian comedian Seth Rogen made his debut in Judd Apatow and Paul Feig‘s TV show Freaks and Geeks at the age of 17, but it would take another six years before he broke out in The 40-Year-Old Virgin (his two-second appearance as ‘Eager Cameraman‘ in Anchorman was sadly overlooked). Ever since, he’s been one of the most beloved hit-making comic actors in Hollywood. To celebrate his co-starring role in new DVD/Blu-ray release 50/50 (which he also produced), we’re looking back on his ten best performances (so far). Cue, signature Rogen chuckle: “Hegh-hegh-hegh.

10. Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Seth Rogen and Kevin Smith seem like they’d be a much made in heaven (despite the former loving to improvise, and the latter slavishly devoted to his scripts). They meet one another halfway in this raunchy romantic comedy, that survives on Rogen and co-star Elizabeth Banks‘ charm.

9. Pineapple Express

Just one of Rogen and co-writer Evan Goldberg’s many collaborations. Here, he flips convention by playing the straight man opposite James Franco‘s lovable idiot stoner. As a result, he’s overshadowed somewhat. Still, theirs is one of the most appealing double-acts in recent memory.

8. Paul

Joe Lo Truglio was the one motion-captured, but Seth Rogen spoke for alien invader Paul. It’s the best of his many, manymanymany vocal performances. He surely can’t get away with another; the guy has kind of a recognisable voice.

7. Superbad

Rogen and Goldberg created a couple of the most irresponsible cops ever seen on screen this side of the Bad Lieutenants. Officer Michaels (Rogen) is the slightly calmer counter-part to Officer Slater (Bill Hader); however, both cut loose when they’ve got McLovin (Christopher Mintz-Plasse) by their side.

6. Take This Waltz

We got to see Seth’s serious side opposite Michelle Williams in Sarah Polley‘s marital drama Take This Waltz. Though the film has its problems, Rogen holds his own against Williams, and that’s pretty much as big a compliment as we can give.

5. The 40-Year-Old Virgin

He was only 23 when he starred opposite Steve Carell, Paul Rudd, and Romany Malco, and practically stole the show as the donkey-show attending Cal.

4. The Green Hornet

Michel Gondry‘s The Green Hornet (again penned by Rogen and Goldberg) divided audiences, but I personally loved the depiction of rich-boy turned vigilante Britt Reid as a petulant child. It takes guts to commit to making your hero this unlikable; somehow, it works.

3. Funny People

And just a year earlier, he gave his most affable performance in Judd Apatow’s Funny People. A little long in the tooth, the movie is kept alive by struggling comic Ira’s sweetness in the face of bitter George Simmons’ (Adam Sandler) increasing cruelty.

2. Knocked Up

The internet scoffed at the idea of a schlub like Ben Stone scoring a woman like Alison Scott (Katherine Heigl). First of all: that’s not nice. Secondly: he proves to be the perfect rom-com foil in this smart and extremely funny pregnancy flick.

1. Observe and Report

Ronnie Barnhardt is the least lovable character of his rogues gallery; in fact, he’s the strangest, craziest, and most demented. These may not sound like traits familiar to Rogen, but he pulls them off with aplomb in Jody Hill‘s underrated black comedy. A mall cop with aspirations of being a police officer unleashes his violent side while on the hunt for a renegade streaker. The Taxi Driver comparisons are apt.

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  1. Hey there, cool list.
    I’ve been seeing a lot of Seth Rogen films lately, my favourite until now is The Green Hornet. But I also liked Paul, Superbad, 50/50… It would be nice to see him in a serious film for a change though, maybe I should watch Take This Waltz?

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