Marvel announce new slate of films at Comic Con

Marvel Studios drew a line under their first batch of films, collectively known as Phase One, with their epic ensemble flick The Avengers earlier this year.  

We’ve long known that Shane Black‘s Iron Man 3 was set to be the first instalment of Phase Two, and would be followed by sequels to Captain America and Thor.

At Comic-Con (reported by Slashfilm), Marvel president Kevin Feige unveiled even more features, as well as subtitles for the other flicks.

Thor: The Dark World follows Iron Man 3 and makes its debut on August 11, 2013, while Captain America: The Winter Soldier will bow April 4, 2014. Game of Thrones helmer Alan Taylor will direct the former, while Communitproducers Joe and Anthony Russo take the reins of the latter.

Edgar Wright’s long-gestating Ant-Man was confirmed to be moving ahead, as was another team-up flick, Guardians of the Galaxy (see concept art above). GOTC arrives August 1, 2014. There is no date set for Ant-Man.

And of course, The Avengers 2 lands in 2015.

Discuss: Excited? Sorry, of course you are.

One Response to “Marvel announce new slate of films at Comic Con”

  1. Winter Soldier, you say? Alright! Or maybe I should say “Groot!” Fans of Gaurdians of the Galaxy will understand what I mean.

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